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Great Things....

So many projects are going on this month for Sweet n Sasse.........

I've launched a promotion for my SnS family that travels abroad with their #Candy. Snap a photo with you stack proudly showing and your location abroad. You will be featured on our "SnS Abroad" page as well as receive a gift from me. So far we've had SnS sightings in Cancun, London, and Marrakesh, Morocco.

I've also decided to create a YouTube page for Sweet n Sasse after urging by several clients. The focus will be "Stacking 101". I will show some basic combos and how to put together colors you probably wouldn't have even thought of. I always say start out with a neutral stack and you can always add.....add.....add later. Click the picture of the computer to take you to the YouTube page. Make sure you subscribe for updates.

I've attended several business workshops to better my brand as well as learn new marketing ideas. So a question for my readers, do you like the new packaging? Also what do you think about the updated website? These are just a few things that have been re-branded at Sweet n Sasse.

One of my favorite workshops was put together by Raw Femme. "Raw Femme is an online publication that showcases the talent of emerging female artists who breathe art and its many forms." Watch the video here and make sure you check them out on FB or IG.

I definitely appreciate all that I have learned this month and will continue to strive for excellence in my business and brand. My next event is featured below, hope to see you there. Thank you as always for your continued support and love of Sweet n Sasse. As I've said 1,465,737 times, I truly love what I do.

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