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The Sweet n Sasse Story

Hello and welcome, I'm Angela Y. Alexander, owner of Sweet n Sasse.  I started this company in 2011 at my dining room table where I began making beaded bracelets from natural stones for friends and family.  It quickly grew into a business after that.

I'm sure you might be wondering about the company name.  It is truly a reflection of my personality.....I'm  sweet but of course I have a sassy side.  I wanted to be a tad different so I added an "E" to sasse instead of spelling it the traditional way.  I felt that was the perfect name because all of my pieces are made with love and have a little edginess as well.  


One of my biggest accomplishments was being featured in 2016 Cosmopolitan UK as a "Summer Must-Have."  I truly love what I do and enjoy the smile that I bring to each satisfied client.  


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