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It all starts with a thought or idea......

Everyone has a little creativity.......

Left-handed people are always creative....

These are just a few of the sayings I've heard over the years from various individuals. When I sit back and reflect on my childhood I was alwayssssssss making something. My parents were and still are my biggest fans and encouraged me to create, create, create. As time went on, I still have the same feelings when it comes to creativity and making things. I strongly believe that's why Sweet n Sasse was born 5 years ago. Each piece I design is something that I truly take time on and make sure it's perfect. I can't tell you the number of times I've made something only to take it apart and redo. I've always thought to myself.....would you like this and be proud to wear this? That has been my mindset and will continue to be.

This evening I was able to create a custom piece for a client. She stated she needed a lanyard for her work ID and wanted something with Spring colors. Who says work has to be boring! I was given free reign in the creativity department. My idea started with a jumpsuit that I saw on Instagram earlier and then formed from there. Here's where it came together......

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