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Introducing Luxe Line for Men

I've been asked by several of our male clients to create an exclusive upscale line just for the guys. I listened to all their feedback and would like to present our latest addition to the Sweet n Sasse Collection.

The Luxe Line features Grade A polished premium beads and semi precious micro-pave crystal Swarovski stones. The beads utilized are 10mm moss agate, lapis, and black onyx and are perfect for combining with other pieces or as a standalone signature piece.

Here's a quick bit of insight into why I chose these types of beads:

Moss Agate- Stability, Persistence, Helps one find and adhere to one's higher purpose, Releases negative karma

Lapis- Inner vision, Royal virtues, Visionary awareness, Deepens meditation

Black Onyx- Discipline, Focused attention, Engenders confidence and power, Enhances mental ability

Moss Agate Beads with Micro-pave
Black Onyx with Micro-pave

Lapis Beads with Micro-pave

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