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The Dapper Man

I remember when I first started making bracelets in 2011, my 60+ year old father asked if I could make him some type of bracelet with bullets or knives. I just laughed and explained that he could still wear one of my bracelets and look great without the bullets or knives. Plus he wouldn't end up in someone's lock up or held up at airport security.

In various fashion magazines I've noticed men rocking more and more "Arm Candy". It's no longer a rarity for men to coordinate with either a suit and tie, or just a night heading out with the fellas. Men have taken a stand and evolved in their sense of style. I truly appreciate all the trendsetters out there that don't mind doing something different.

Sweet n Sasse offers a men's collection for all genres and styles. I have paired some of our men's bracelets with various looks. These are all available on the website. I challenge those men out there that have never rocked a beaded bracelet to actually try one, and I'm proud to say my father is now a trendsetter for his generation.

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