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Cigar Savers.....

Cigar Saver Video

After visiting a cigar lounge I noticed a group of ladies not wanting to completely finish their cigars. When I inquired, I got a variety of responses ......I don't like holding it when it's down to the nub, or I really don't want to burn my fingertips/nails.

Of course that's when I share my story about a "Cigar Saver" and how they eliminate those issues as well as being easy enough to fit inside a travel humidor. They also give you a platform to express your own personal style in this wonderful world of leather chairs, scotch and dim lighting. Take this opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.

Embrace your cool. eclectic, classy, confident self with a great one of a kind cigar accessory. #sotl

Photo/Video Credit: #sotlsocal

Sns Client and Video of Cigar Saver
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