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Ladies Smoke Cigars TOO....

#BossChicks and #BossBabes are now finding their way into a male dominated world. When you think of a Cigar Lounge you think of distinguished gentlemen, a glass of scotch, low lighting, leather chairs and a lot of "guy talk". No longer are the days of old, and more and more classy women are becoming fixtures in these lounges.

Cigar Lounges, once a forbidden world are now catering more and more to their distinguished female clients. One such place is Cigars 210 in Fort Washington, Maryland. On any given day you can find your regular patrons male and female enjoying a great smoke and stimulating conversation. There are also cigar accessories that cater to the female crowd featured here. These one of a kind "Cigar Savers" are a great way to enjoy your cigar longer without burning your fingertips, as well as showcasing your individual style. See the pictures above of the Cigar Savers in use.

Also check out Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars. This company is founded by a pair of Afro-Cuban American twin sisters pictured above. For more info visit or click the picture of the sisters above.

I challenge all the ladies that thought this was a taboo to find their local Cigar Lounge and visit with an open mind. For more information on Cigars 210 click the picture above or check out


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