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Home Is Where I'm Happy....

It's true for me that if my home is in disarray so am I. I've always loved fashion and decorating. I watch a zillion HGTV shows and say to myself OOOOOHHHH and YEPPPPPPP. So one day I decided to take a leap of faith and completely decorate a "Sex In The City" themed one bedroom apartment. I took some Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda and rolled it all into one. I must say after the finished product I was not only very pleased but also UNDER budget, I was also asked if my pictures could be used for a flyer. So in a nutshell that's how I started the online decorating service for Sweet n Sasse. I don't take your home over, I just ask questions based on your desired style and budget. I offer a variety of options for my clients to choose from and then give them the links to where everything can be purchased. This way it's in the time and budget that make sense for each individual. For more information contact me by clicking the link on the picture.

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